Swim Lessons Frequently Asked Questions

How many lessons and how long is each?

There are 9 lessons.  Monday through Friday of the first week, and Monday through Thursday of the second week.  Allow 1/2 hour for each lesson per day.  (If a lesson has fewer than four students, time may be shorter.)  Remember, Coach Dave determines when that particular class is over for the day.


Should a parent attend the lesson?

Yes! For your child, it is important to have the assurance and security of a familiar adult/caregiver in an unfamiliar situation. For the parent, it is exciting to watch your child learn a life skill.  Observing will also help you in working with your child once the session is completed.


Do we, as parents, get in the pool?

I strongly suggest that the parent participate during the later part of the lessons.  The children enjoy swimming with you.  More importantly, I work with you so you can properly reinforce the skills your child has recently learned going forward.


What if my child cries and says that he/she doesn’t want to swim?

Do not ask your child to make that type of choice.  You, as the Parent/Guardian know what is best.  (I.E. you don’t ask if they want to go to the Doctor, School, Etc,)  Swimming is a LIFE SKILL and a Very Necessary One.  Be assured that each and every child will try to MANIPULATE YOU AT SOME POINT DURNING THE LESSONS.


What should my child bring to the lessons?

Only a swim suit and a towel are required for lessons.  (fins, goggles, mask, floaties, toys, etc. are not used)


Why are the lessons taught in small groups, and how many swimmers are in a group?

Being part of a group helps reduce anxiety, fatigue, and is much more fun for your child. There are no more than 4 children in the water at one time.


When do I pay?  What do the lessons cost?

Payment is required the first Wednesday of the lessons.  The fee for a two-week session is $375 per child.


How can my child learn to swim in a 1/2 hour group lesson?

In learning to swim, children must work through physical and psychological barriers in a new and unfamiliar environment. This is best accomplished in small increments on consecutive days.  Continuity is the key to success.  Most beginners will be swimming in 3 or 4 days.  However, DO NOT compare your child’s ability in any area of education, least of all swimming.