What to do After the Lesson?


Post-Lesson Tips & Instructions

Your child has just completed an intensive course in learning how to swim. However, it is important to note that the end of these lessons is not the end of their instruction for the year. On the contrary, this is just the beginning. As their parent, it is your responsibility to follow through with regular and consistent practice as prescribed below to see them progress as a swimmer. Confidence is the foundation to your child’s success in these lessons. Right now, your child is willing to come to the pool and swim. The instructor has worked diligently to instill this confidence in your swimmer, but it can only be maintained by actively following these post-lesson instructions. If you do not go to the pool to practice regularly as prescribed, your child’s confidence may drop, and they may then be unwilling to swim. Viewing these lessons as the end-all of swimming instruction will only cause your child to regress and be a waste of your child’s hard work and your money.

What to do:

  • Take your child swimming each and every day for the first 10 days after the last lesson.
    This allows them to “continue” their lessons; only now with mom and dad instead of the instructor. After the first 10 days, practice at least on a weekly basis. In the fall and winter, get in at least once a month to practice.
  • Practice 10 – 20 minutes each time you visit the pool; do not tell your child it is practice, just go to the pool, get in and start working with them.
  • Duplicate with your child what you have seen the instructor doing during the last few days of the lessons. This usually involves keeping their head down and kicking with a straight-leg flutter kick, big circle pulls, swimming to the wall, swimming to the steps, etc. (…Read More)


How to Become a Host


If you would like to host one or more groups at your pool, you will be contacted to schedule a date/time once your registration to become a host has been received and approved.

Pool requirements

Lessons may only be held in private, backyard pools that maintain a temperature of 90 degrees. (Rules are slightly different for stroke groups, but the pool temperature is crucial to maximizing the progress of younger swimmers.) Pools must be large enough that a child has to take 3-4 strokes to swim across the shorter direction and have a deck edge that children can hold onto on at least one side.

If your pool meets the requirements and you would be interested in hosting one or more groups at your pool, please fill out our Host Registration Form.

Thank You,

– Coach Dave