What Our Hosts Have to Say…

Dave is incredible, I am so grateful we did lessons with him. My son is 4 and autistic, needless to say I was skeptical. Being in a pool without me, with a stranger and putting his head under water were all things I never thought Garron would do. There were tears the first couple of days, but regardless of those tears my son both listened and complied to what Dave said. After the fourth lesson he was swimming! Swimming! Unassisted! I couldn’t believe it.

Garron just finished his second session with Dave and he’s like a little fish. He jumps into the water and swims to everyone. He is comfortable playing in the shallow end and if he’s in the deep end he can walk his hands along the wall to get back to the steps. He can swim from one end to the other and when he pops up he’s so happy. Dave’s style of teaching was not like any I’ve ever seen. He is stern when he needed to be and then other times he would be holding garron singing with him to get him comfortable and familiar. Dave is worth every penny and I would recommend him to everyone!

Linsey Richards

We just completed our 3rd session with Swim2Dave for our 5 year old twins and a 1st session for our 2.5 year old and could not be happier. We are Swim2Dave’s biggest fans and recommend him to anyone looking to get their kids swimming and water safe. Thanks to Coach Dave, our twins are now fish in the water – swimming across the pool perimiter, diving, and working on strokes. Our 2.5 year old is also successfully swimming from us to the side of the pool and back and jumping in without fear. When our friends come over, they can’t believe how well our kids are swimming (especially the 2.5 year old)! Mind you, these are the ONLY lessons that we’ve ever partaken in the last 3 years and up until this past year, we didn’t have regular access to a pool and found that our twins STILL retained what they learned from Coach Dave from the previous year. Dave truly is the swim whisperer and has a gift with the kids and the patience of a Saint. We can’t wait to host again next year!

Rebecca V.